How the ‘Beast Quake’ is helping scientists track real earthquakes

Seismometer locations

Seismometer locations in and around CenturyLink Field.

It’s not just the football players who have spent a year training. University of Washington seismologists will again be monitoring the ground-shaking cheers of Seahawks fans, this year with a bigger team, better technology and faster response times. Scientists with the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network will install instruments this Thursday to provide real-time monitoring of the stadium’s movement during the 2015 NFL playoffs. This year, the UW researchers have also upped their game. A new QuickShake tool will provide a faster connection between the sensors and the website. This Saturday will be the first test of the software that displays vibrations within three seconds – five to 10 times faster and more reliably than readings from the same sensors installed last year.

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

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